Custom Packing Services

Wetmore Company specializes in custom packaging and crating for export and domestic shipments. We design and fabricate custom cases, cushioned skids, custom Corrugated and Fabricated Foam to meet the most demanding specifications and packaging requirements.

Our experienced staff has the expertise to insure your shipment will receive maximum protection during transport whether we ship you the packaging to pack yourselves, pack it our facility or on-site at your facility.

Technology companies depend on Wetmore for packaging solutions that will protect sensitive equipment. We have extensive experience packing electronics, computer systems, peripherals, telecommunications, robotics, semiconductor equipment, scientific instrumentation, precision tools and optics, production, factory automation and test equipment.

Wetmore can professionally pack and protect systems that are susceptible to electrostatic discharge (ESD), vibration, moisture and environmental contamination. Our protective packaging is designed to cushion equipment inside while providing rigidity, durability and stacking strength outside to mitigate against any damage during handling or transportation. In addition to stenciling and labeling, we can add devices to monitor shock, vibration, tipping and humidity levels.

Wetmore has perfected the art of safely packing oversized machinery and precision tools by using heavy duty skidding, blocking, bracing and cushioning.

Wetmore offers customized export packing, including consolidation packing for intermodal containerization.

Our Military Specification team and our Hazmat certified staff are trained to handle a wide range of specialized packaging requirements, labeling and documentation.

Superior Customer Service
Our dependable and responsive support group will work closely with you to insure that we meet all our deliveries on time and also the packing and shipping process runs smoothly. Our staff will insure that your equipment is packed properly, identified and labeled, that packing lists are attached and routing information is clear to eliminate delays and misrouting during onward transportation.

Engineering Services
Wetmore’s experienced packaging engineers can solve your most demanding problems. We can provide on-site analysis of your needs and design a custom packaging solution to protect your product during transport. Wetmore has solved numerous instances of shipping damage to high value equipment through advanced shock and vibration protection designs. Working in concert with your staff, Wetmore can design the most cost-effective, but safe, packaging solution.

Packaging Supplies
Wetmore inventories a wide selection of packaging supplies and environmentally safe packing materials.

Air Ride Pickups and Deliveries
Available in our trucks to expedite movement of products for packing.

Transportation Services
Our professional staff will coordinate with freight forwarders and shipping companies to expedite air, surface or ocean transport.

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